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Talanome is a full-featured, intuitive, easy to use Metronome app (for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) for every Carnatic musician, dancer, teacher and student of Carnatic Music and Dance!

Price Free
Author Upbeat Labs LLC
Type Tool
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA)
Rating total: 4.22222 (18), current: 4.22222 (18)
Version 10.1.0
Released 03/09/2011
Updated 04/07/2024
Experience some of the awesome features of the Talanome App with this "lite" (but still feature-full) version that brings you the ability to play the most common Carnatic Talam, Adi Talam, without any ads, restrictions or restraints in this FREE version! Upgrade to the full version to unlock the myriad other options and features!

We created Talanome (and Talanome Lite) in 2011 as the first-of-its-kind Metronome catering specifically to Carnatic Talas. Built with a precision sound engine, it understood and utilized Carnatic tala structures and terminology.

How do you take a mature 13-year-old app and make it even better? We started with the basics - take all the knowledge and lessons learned, but start with a clean slate. Talanome Lite Version 10 has been rewritten from the ground up (like its parent app Talanome), with a brand-new, easy-to-use and intuitive interface, reimagined Tala Visualizer, and completely revamped Audio Engine all while staying true to its Carnatic roots!

Talanome Lite lets you develop your kālapramānam and learn the invaluable art of following another's tempo which will help when performing (or training to perform) with other musicians/dancers.

Here are some highlights of Talanome Lite:

◆ Precision Sound Engine with fine-grained tempo control
◆ Tap out the rhythm with "Tap Tempo"
◆ Count-In beats help get the Talam started or for Eduppu (Graham)
◆ Nadai (Gathi) & Kalai support

◆ New display shows pertinent information at a quick glance
◆ New and improved Tala Visualizer with innovative layout and animations
◆ Full Screen Mode lets you focus on the Tala being played
◆ Choose between Dark and Light modes

◆ Control bass, tonal & total volume levels and pan directly from the main page

◆ Detailed User Manual on Talanome’s abilities and functions
◆ Quick Help Slides provide useful tips to get the most out of Talanome
◆ Get detailed information about the Tala, including a Tala Demo Video
◆ Learn more about Carnatic Talas in the reference section

◆ Eminently transportable - no bulky boxes to carry around
◆ Supported on the iPad as a native app

Here are some of the additional features you get by getting the full-featured Talanome App:

Talanome comes preloaded with:
• all 35 Suladi Talas
• 6 Chapu Talas
• 28 Chanda Talas
• 108 Ashtottara Sata Talas
• Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna's Mukhi Talas
• Pete Lockett's Fusion Talas
• 7 Hindustani Taals
• B.C Manjunath's Fibonacci Tala

Talanome auto-updates when new Talas and content are added. With its all-new Tala Creation Engine, you can also create many more Talas!

Rich sound options:
◆ Natural sounds derived from a real Manjira and Nattuvangam (tunable)
◆ Hand clapping or wood block sounds for a Shruti neutral option
◆ Select Nadai pattern to play (e.g. matching Chapu Talam beat accents)

Pitch and Volume:
◆ Select and fine-tune the Pitch (Shruti) of the tunable sounds
◆ Control bass, tonal & total volume levels and pan directly from the main page

◆ Background play and audio mixing allows you to use Talanome with other apps

◆ Multi-functional educational tool

Version 10.1.0 release notes

• Improved notification handling • Improved beat start time • Misc fixes and updates Version 10 also has the following features: • Completely rewritten from the ground up • All new updated and enhanced Sound Engine • Completely revamped all new Tala Visualizer is even more powerful than before • All new updated, enhanced and intuitive user interface • iOS 17 support • iPad multi-tasking support • Select between Dark/Light modes Talanome 10 also has: • Extensive library of 100s of talas • Easily search for Talas • Tala Groups now contain information about the genre/classification • Extensive user manual, quick help slides, tutorials and more • Create your own complex beat patterns easily with a new powerful beat creation engine • New! Chanda Talas

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Talanome is a full-featured, intuitive, easy to use Metronome app.

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