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My TalaVadyam transforms your iOS device into your very own Tala Vadyam (Carnatic percussion instrument).

Price Free
Author Upbeat Labs LLC
Type Instrument
Instrument type Sampler
Instrument sounds Drums, Percussion, Ethnic
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA)
Rating total: 4.09524 (21), current: 4.09524 (21)
Version 4.0.1
Released 09/24/2013
Updated 11/04/2021
Create and playback Carnatic Percussion sequences with ease with My TalaVadyam! My TalaVadyam uses real, natural sounds of the Mridangam and offers a precise kala pramānam (tempo) for an unparalleled new musical experience!

"My TalaVadyam" is the latest app from Upbeat Labs. With a library of 15 sounds and 16 common phrases (and growing) for the Mridangam, and the ability to easily create as many common phrases as you like, "My TalaVadyam" offers a platform to create, playback, share and enjoy Carnatic percussion sequences on the Mridangam!

Play it in "Live" mode to create your own impromptu Tala Vadya Kutcheri.

"REC" mode enables you to easily create or transcribe sequences, lesson plans or your own masterpiece Tani Avartanam that you can play back later.

Use the newly introduced "Play" view to playback existing sequences at a tempo of your choice. You can tune the right and left heads separately for the perfect pitch for accompaniment, and also control each side's volume independently for the perfect thoppi/kaaranai emphasis of your preference. The sequences get played back using the Tala you specify, and the Tala/Sequence Visualizer shows the Talam with either the Tala Count, or the Mridangam phrase or "sollu" . You can also choose playback at Vilamba, Madhyama or Druta Kalas.

Easily share your creations with your friends and with the "My TalaVadyam" community and play sequences from creations that have been shared by your friends and other users!

* As a teacher, create and share lesson plans with your students. They can know how the sequence is supposed to sound, and practice keeping the beat and perfecting the transitions by having an aide to play along with, even as they practice at home away from your guidance in the classroom
* As a student, transcribe your lessons to My TalaVadyam, so you know how it is supposed to sound, and have something to play along with at the perfect tempo to aid with your own practice and development
* As a music enthusiast, create and replay well known percussion sequences or create your own!
* Experiment and create your own masterpieces
* Incorporate your Mridangam sounds into other musical pieces. My TalaVadyam supports background play and mixing with other audio apps. Inter-app audio support enables you to integrate My TalaVadyam with even more audio/apps, such as Garage Band!
* Export your creations and email them to your friends or share with the "My TalaVadyam" community page from within your app
* Visit the "My TalaVadyam" community page and import other's creations seamlessly into your app

Above all, enjoy experimenting and creating! While My TalaVadyam will never come close to the magnificence of real Carnatic instruments, it offers a new paradigm in Carnatic Percussion by allowing you to create any Mohra/Korvai/Sequence of your choice and playing it back (and not just pre-recorded loops). It allows you to unleash your creativity and productivity if you already play the instrument or are familiar with Carnatic percussion, and will allow you to enjoy it even if you don't .

Enjoy ad-supported "My TalaVadyam" for free. If you like what you see, in-app purchases will get you additional features for a nominal fee. Or get the "Pro" in-app purchase - this one time purchase will get you all features, present and future! In-App purchases now feature Family Sharing!

Version 4.0.1 release notes

Miscellaneous improvements and fixes to Sequence transcription and handling

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