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Now available as an Audio Unit extension (AUv3) allowing it to act as a powerful MIDI sequencer and clip launcher.

Price Free
Author Imaginando Lda
Type Tool
Supports Audio Unit (AU)
Rating total: 4.22403 (491), current: 4.22403 (491)
Version 1.12.6
Released 03/04/2015
Updated 05/15/2023
LK is a flexible remote control application for use with music software and hardware, providing a wide range of features and functionality to enhance the production and live performance of electronic music.

LK offers tight integration with Ableton Live using our free UBRIDGE desktop application, providing access and control of Ableton Live projects, with both wired and wireless connection options. LK has extensive MIDI capabilities too, allowing for communication and control of any MIDI compliant software or hardware, even apps running on the same device thanks to virtual MIDI support and AUv3 integration too.

LK is split into six unique modules, each available as a separate in-app purchase, offering great value that you can tailor to your specific needs.

See what’s inside:

- Control almost every aspect on Ableton Live, clips, tracks, devices and much more with MATRIX. You can also sequence MIDI hardware and software with the MATRIX module in MIDI mode. This powerful module has a built-in clip launcher and composer. It allows you to create multiple tracks and scenes and play clips in sync with time.

- Get the MPC feel on your touchscreen with PADS, featuring an arpeggiator and a chorder. When working in Ableton Live mode it automatically maps drum rack pad names to each pad on the app - never miss a pad again. Use it in MIDI mode to quickly play other synth apps.

- Extensive control of 128 parameters with CONTROLLER. Use knobs, faders, buttons and pads to control MIDI hardware, desktop and mobile DAWs - now with the power of AUv3 integration too.

- Three dimensional parameter tweaking with X/Y PAD. This module can work with CC or NOTE events. In CC mode, a CC can be assigned per axis. In NOTE mode, X is pitch, Y is velocity and Z is Note ON/ Note OFF.

- Play chords like you have never played before with the CHORDER module. Use this chord generator to build chords and lay them out according to your needs.

- Keyboard features a 3-axis expression capabilities. It is fully customisable to scale and keyboard range. It also allows the possibility of mapping any Live or MIDI CC parameters to be controlled by the position you play in each of the keys of the keyboard thus providing additional expression to the performance of each note.

LK is also capable of connecting with USB MIDI interfaces which allows you to interact with external gear.

To connect LK to your host computer you will need to download and install a free software utility called UBRIDGE on your computer. It is available for Windows and OSX and it can be downloaded from Imaginando website.

For detailed operation information and requirements please visit

Version 1.12.6 release notes

- Fixes double speed bug when host has a 32 frames buffer size - Added clip composer mouse support - Added copy/paste selected notes between clips (long press composer to access menu)

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