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The BLEASS reverb is a reverb plugin.

Price $5.99
Type Effect
Effect type Reverb, Delay, Echo
Supports Audiobus, Audio Unit (AU)
Rating total: 4.5 (8), current: 4.5 (8)
Version 1.2
Released 04/10/2019
Updated 07/05/2019
the BLEASS reverb is a unique sounding plugin effect bringing your music production and live performances towards new soundscapes!

The BLEASS reverb is composed of 3 different stages:

1/ A first stage modifies the input source by correcting the gain and setting up early reflections pre-delay in order to re-create distant walls.
This first stage also contains a filter to modify frequencies. Switch between two different filter types:
- the Low-Shelf filter can reduce or boost your basses.
- the High-Pass filter cuts the low part of the signal and creates a resonant peak on interesting frequencies.

2/ The second stage offers a unique-sounding reverb with size modulation and length controls. It also contains a high frequency damping control in order to re-create plate reverb effects, as well as a freeze toggle button for infinite sound soaring and exploration.
This reverb offers also an X/Y panel which applies a set of fine-tuned frequency shifter as well as a wave shaper in order to mutate your reverb space on the go!

3/ The third stage offers a duck effect made of a compressor side-chained on the dry input in order to bring clarity to heavy kicks and basses

Finally, a dry-wet controller offers control over the reverb level.

All these features are shown within the factory presets, and you can save your own presets which will automatically carry over across different host apps.
All variables are exposed as AU parameters in hosts which support automation.
BLEASS reverb can also be used as a standalone app using headphones and mic or an external sound card.

Check out for video tutorials and demos!

*** NOTE : this is an Audio Unit Effect Plugin (AUv3) which ideally requires a compatible host (such as AUM or Audiobus) or DAW (such as GarageBand or Cubasis) ***

Version 1.2 release notes

This new version offers an updated UI, with resized fonts and gradient colors. New factory presets are also available.

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The BLEASS Alpha Synth is a virtual analog polyphonic stereo synthesizer inspired by classic analog synths and enhanced by the BLEASS’ very own musical and technical approach. 

Price $13.99
Type Instrument
Instrument type Synth
Instrument sounds Keyboards
Supports Audio Unit (AU), Ableton Link
Rating total: 4.88889 (18), current: 4.88889 (18)
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BLEASS filter is an essential tool for musicians: inspired by classic analog filters, it features an envelope follower as well as a LFO and a warm sound which create mind boggling filter sweep effects on any sound source: guitars, vocals, keyboards, drums ...

Price $5.99 $2.99
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Effect type Equalizer, Filter, Modulation effects
Supports Audiobus, Audio Unit (AU)
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The BLEASS sidekick AUv3 is the world's first iOS AUv3 effect plugin that offers a kick drum synth and sequencer coupled with a sidechain compressor in order to bring unique and creative dynamics to your music!

Price $5.99
Type Instrument, Effect
Instrument type Synth
Instrument sounds Drums, Percussion
Effect type Compressor, Limiter, Gate, Other
Supports Audiobus, Audio Unit (AU)
Rating total: 4.2 (5), current: 4.2 (5)
Released 05/23/2019
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BLEASS delay transforms your sounds into cinematic and experimental sonic experiences! It is constantly creating flux in the audio signal making your music even more lively.
BLEASS delay is also ideal for making track build-ups and transitions.

Price $5.99
Type Effect
Effect type Reverb, Delay, Echo
Supports Audiobus, Audio Unit (AU)
Rating total: 4.73684 (19), current: 4.73684 (19)
Released 02/21/2019
Updated 04/24/2019

Fed up with standardized presets and instruments? Feel lost in overcomplex filters and effects? Don’t wanna sound like everyone else? BLEASS is just the right instrument for you: it unleashes your inner musical creativity by bringing music production and performance to its very core: play, perform, compose beats and melodies in a new yet intuitive way thanks to its multitrack sequencer, synthesizer and drum machine.

Price Free
Type Instrument
Instrument type Synth
Instrument sounds Keyboards
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA), Audiobus, Ableton Link
Rating total: 4.17647 (17), current: 4.17647 (17)
Released 10/28/2018
Updated 01/07/2020