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Zeeon is a virtual analog synthesizer, powered by an advanced analog circuit modeling engine.

Price $4.99 $9.99
Author BeepStreet
Type Instrument
Instrument type Synth
Instrument sounds Keyboards
Supports Audio Unit (AU)
Rating total: 4.79762 (168), current: 4.79762 (168)
Version 1.54
Released 08/30/2017
Updated 09/25/2020
Zeeon is a virtual analog synthesizer, powered by an advanced analog circuit modelling engine. We spent a lot of time analysing iconic analog synths, both vintage and modern, to find out which parts of the circuit contribute most to their specific character. We used this knowledge to create a unique synth, with focus on what’s most important - the pure, organic and detailed sound. Many analog synth emulations sound dull. Not Zeeon. We take care of the entire spectrum range from deep lows to sweet highs. All audio and modulation signals are processed at 176 KHz (4x oversampling).

Full manual and audio demos available at the BeepStreet website.


• Audio Unit v3 and standalone application with a simple polyphonic step sequencer

• 2 oscillators with continuously variable waveforms, hard-sync and sub-oscillator. Carefully simulated analog drift and PSU influence.

• Filter: 3 models available: Transistor ladder low pass, OTA cascade low pass and State Variable Filter with continuously variable LP-HP + BP mode.

• 2 low frequency oscillators and envelope generators per voice.

• Overdrive: diode clipper, transistor saturation, wave folder, pre and post filter.

• Up to 2 layers per voice. Layers can modulate each other.

• Powerful modulation matrix offering self-modulation and cross-layer modulation, 8 modulation slots, 17 signal sources and 41 targets available, both from modulation modules and audio signal path. This takes Zeeon into semi-modular territory. Imagine oscillator waveform, panning, filter cutoff, resonance or LP-HP mode modulated by oscillators or another layer!

• Effects unit: Circuit modelled BBD chorus, bass booster, zero-delay Phaser, Stereo delay and Reverb.

• 144 presets and Tutorials bank.

More presets and exciting features in upcoming updates.

Version 1.54 release notes

- Added work-around for an issue with AudioUnit state loading on iOS14

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