Turbosounds for Accordion

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Turbosounds for Accordion provides many special sounds of the Oberkrainer folk music.

Price Free
Author Reinhard Rieder
Type Instrument
Instrument type Sampler
Instrument sounds Keyboards, Guitar, Strings, Winds, Ethnic, Other
Supports Audio Unit (AU)
Rating total: 4.55999 (25), current: 4.55999 (25)
Version 2.11.1
Released 07/12/2016
Updated 04/09/2024
Attention fans of Oberkrainer and folk music!

Turbosounds for Accordion provides many special sounds of the Oberkrainer folk music. Mostly legendary vintage instruments were recorded, such as the Framus AZ-10, Framus Texan, Hohner Morino VM, or the Zupan Alpe III.

Instruments can be played simultaneously via MIDI. All popular MIDI systems are supported, and the outstanding guitar chord samples can be used even by earlier systems without sample channel (3-channel systems).

Not only can the instrumets be played in the app, but they are also available as Audio Unit app extension for use in host apps.

The instrument packs are available as In-App Purchase and can be purchased separately as desired. A starter pack is available free of charge which can be used immediately to try all functions.

*** Should you miss a function or encounter wrong behavior, please do inform us via app support, Facebook, or email. We gladly help you on your way! -- Ois isi, Gruaß Reini :-) ***

Features Overview:
◆ Support for all popular MIDI systems: Limex MPR4, MPR3, Totter, HDS, BlueLine, Roland, Musictech, Mastermidi, Stoppacher
◆ Instruments are organized in sessions
◆ Player with playlist for MIDI files or audio files, uses Turbosounds instruments or custom SoundFonts
◆ Style Arranger to play Yamaha styles (*)
◆ Master reverb and 1 external master effect
◆ 16 assignable Mixers
◆ Audio inputs can be routed to mixers individually

Session features:
◆ “Guitar to bass” for MIDI systems without guitar function
◆ Duet play, e.g. trumpet with clarinet
◆ Instruments can share MIDI channels, e.g. for double bass
◆ Instruments can be switched on or off via MIDI CC while playing (*)
◆ Sessions can be switched using MIDI CC 14+15
◆ Export and import sessions

(*) available via In-App Purchase

Instrument features:
◆ Sample channel (i.e. chord detection, for chord guitars and chord accordion) for all MIDI systems named above, and also for older 3-channel systems
◆ Lowest bass tone for baritones and contrabass, adjustable to E, E flat, or D
◆ Bellows dynamics
◆ 1 external AUv3 effect per instrument

Technical features:
◆ Latency adjustable down to 1.5 ms (buffer size 64)
◆ External MIDI-Adapters and MIDI Bluetooth LE supported
◆ Virtual MIDI input
◆ Audio Unit V3 App Extension
◆ Record and share your audio output

For best performance we recommend an iPad Air 2 or newer.

iOS Audio Units are supported on iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini 2 or higher, and iPhone 5s oder higher.

Information about the subscriptions:
◆ All Instruments (1 Month): Enables all instruments and functions
◆ All Instruments (1 Year): Enables all instruments and functions

Alternatively you may make one-time purchases of instruments or functions. These will remain purchased even if you end a subscription.

Version 2.11.1 release notes

Fixed an issue with some in-app purchases.