Spectrum Synthesizer Bundle

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Spectrum is a collection of Audio Unit ports of popular eurorack synthesizer modules.

Price Free
Author Thomas Burns
Type Instrument
Instrument type Synth
Instrument sounds Keyboards
Supports Audiobus, Audio Unit (AU)
Rating total: 4.83696 (92), current: 4.83696 (92)
Version 0.66
Released 07/06/2019
Updated 01/16/2020
Spectrum is a collection of 3 Audio Unit synthesizers and one Audio Unit effect.

Spectrum is based on popular eurorack synthesizer modules made by Mutable Instruments.

Included are four audio units:

Spectrum - Multi-mode 8-voice polyphonic oscillator featuring 14 high quality oscillator algorithms.  Supports MPE.

Modal - Modal synthesis.  Bowed, Blowed, and Struck sounds through a 64-band resonator.  Also included as an effect.

Resonator - 7 beautiful string generation algorithms.  Also included as an effect

Granular - Granular sampler, looper, pitch shifter, reverb effect.  Note that Granular is an Audio Unit effect, not an instrument, so it goes in an effect slot.

To use Spectrum, load the Audio Units in your DAW or AU host of choice, like Audiobus, GarageBand or AUM.

Each audiounit also features:
- modulation LFO featuring tempo sync, key reset, reset phase adjustment
- modulation ADSR envelope
- XY touchpad (except on Modal)
- 2-source modulation matrix allowing for complex and evolving patches.
- MIDI CC control of parameters
- Resonator and Modal are also loadable as an AudioUnit effect

Spectrum contains DSP code provided under the MIT open source license by Mutable Instruments.

Version 0.66 release notes

Bug fixes: iPhone users can close popup menus, fixed crash when resizing AU window on 3x pixel density devices.