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Sliver is a tool for soundscape and sonic texture creation.

Price $1.99 $5.99
Author Alex Matheu
Type Instrument
Instrument type Sampler
Instrument sounds Other
Supports Audiobus
Rating total: 4.7 (10), current: 4.7 (10)
Version 1.07
Released 03/12/2014
Updated 06/01/2019
Sliver is a powerful tool for soundscape and sonic texture creation.

Working beautifully with any audio content... melodic, rhythmic, noise, or otherwise, Sliver is well suited for a broad range of project types including:

Sound Design / Sound Effects
Unique Sonic Textures
Cinematic Sound Elements

Creating a playable instrument from any sound.

The core of Sliver is the 4 real-time resizable clips (slivers) that can be moved around the waveform. Each sliver has it’s own channel with independent volume, pan, filter, and sliver size. These controls can be set in motion with Sliver's automation engine. Sliver uses a real-time automation system to  movement in your textures. This system also allows for override to be able to shape the ongoing captured performance. The filters and size windows are controlled by XY pads, giving Sliver a natural playability, creating a new type of instrument.

Touching along the waveform places, moves, and sizes the slivers, allowing you to intuitively scrub the waveform with a variable loop size.

A chain of effects assigned to XY Control pads allows you to shape and mangle the sounds produced by the slivers.

You can Automate every control.

Sliver uses Apples UIKit Dynamics to create physics on the XY Pads, allowing customized settings for the controls to shape the sound randomly with physics.

Sliver supports Audiobus, sitting in an input slot.
You can import samples via AudioShare import or Audiocopy.
You can resample, record your own samples via the Mic, or do both at once.

This app uses Background Audio and Records from the Mic. You will see a red bar when placing the app in the background.

Sliver supports MIDI learn and is fully controllable from Virtual, Network, and MIDI hardware.

Make some noises, mangle some sounds, create your own soundscape.

4 Real-time Manipulation Slivers
4 Independent Audio Channels
Full Automation Control
Apple UIKit Dynamics Physics Controls
8 X/Y Pad control
Touchable Waveform
Low Pass Filter
Temp Sync'ed Delay
Realtime Pitch-shifting without effecting Time Domain (TimeStretch)
Audiobus Support
AudioShare Import/Export
Email Import/Export (Sounds and Presets)
Sample Recording
Playable Virtual Keyboard
MIDI (Virtual, Network, or Hardware)
MIDI  Learn
40+ Factory Samples
60 Factory Presets

Version 1.07 release notes

MIDI ADSR uses an envelope on audio that Sliver is generating. This envelope is triggered by receiving MIDI note on information. MIDI ADSR is now off by default when opening Sliver. When you turn MIDI ADSR on it will display a status message while on. This change is to avoid confusion while MIDI ADSR is on and not receiving MIDI data, it appears that Sliver does not produce audio.

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