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Rhythm Lab is a comprehensive rhythm app that tests your skill and coordination.  There are four types of drills: single, double, drum, and drum kit.

Price $5.99
Author Jonathan Ensminger
Type Instrument
Instrument type Sampler
Instrument sounds Other
Supports Audiobus
Rating total: 3.66667 (12), current: 3.66667 (12)
Version 4.1.5
Released 01/05/2013
Updated 06/19/2022
Rhythm Lab 4.0 is the best rhythm trainer and rhythm tool for the iPad!

New! On-screen keyboard. Play and improvise tunes and chords without being restricted to single tap notes. Integrates seamlessly with any external MIDI keyboard.

Simple. Test, Playback, Metronome, Loop, and Audio controls are easy to access on the main screen.

Flexible. Use Rhythm Lab to improve rhythmic accuracy, listen to new rhythms, create, copy, and import new rhythms, export rhythms, create rhythm worksheets, group rhythms into custom sets, and more! Use the iPad tap buttons or an external MIDI device to practice and test your accuracy. Many user features are highly customizable. Teachers can create customized student groups and import or export student results. Compatible with Audiobus 3.0 for expanded sound and recording possibilities.

Comprehensive. Rhythm Lab patterns are not limited to single patterns, but also include double patterns, drum patterns (left/right snare exercises), or three-part drumkit patterns (hi hat, snare, kick). Patterns can range from very simple, such as whole notes, half notes, quarter notes in simple meters, to very complex - with nested tuplets, mixed and irregular time signatures. Rhythm Lab also allows incomplete (pick-up) measures.

Worksheets. The worksheet feature is great for teachers who want to create printable, customized worksheets for students. You have the option of hiding time signatures and barlines, and including open space within measures.

Files. Rhythm Lab allows you to import or export patterns and users in JSON format, a standard data format. Worksheets can be exported in PDF format. Individual rhythm patterns can be imported from MusicXML files. Soundfonts can be imported in .sf2 format.

Documentation. Help documentation is now web-based, and will continue to expand to include video tutorials, FAQs and other documentation as needed.

Version 4.1.5 release notes

Several bug fixes. Improved editing in Custom view, especially for beaming, tuplets, and ties. Updated help views for Tap and Custom screens.