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Respiro Wind-Synth for iOS is a free standalone app (IAA) and AUv3 plugin synthesizer giving you access to six fully functional wind instruments for your device.

Price Free
Type Instrument
Instrument type Sampler
Instrument sounds Winds
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA), Audio Unit (AU)
Rating total: 4.5625 (16), current: 4.5625 (16)
Version 1.2.870
Released 04/14/2021
Updated 02/07/2023
Respiro Wind-Synth for iOS is a free standalone app (IAA) and AUv3 plugin synthesizer giving you access to six fully functional wind instruments for your device. The app may look simple, but under the hood it has the full Respiro physical modeling engine.

When combined with the paid desktop (Mac/Windows) version of Respiro, it allows you to transfer all of your favorite Respiro instruments from your computer to use them for performance or production on your iOS device.

Respiro is a unique software synthesizer using a state-of-the-art physical modeling sound engine. Respiro reproduces the expressive and sonic qualities of woodwind instruments. It transforms your breath into amazing interactive musical vibrations!

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Details for the iOS version:
● Monophonic synth with physical modeling and wavetable injection
● MIDI CC or velocity is used to control "air pressure" within the model to make sound
● By default it responds to MID controller CC02 (Breath Control)
    but you can change this to CC07 (volume), CC11 (expression) or other MIDI CC
● In VC (velocity control) mode, MIDI note velocity will set the air pressure value
● The full expressive power of Respiro is unlocked with a wind controller or breath controller
● Responds to MIDI Program Change messages
● Click the Imoxplus logo to send a MIDI panic (stop all sound)

Details for paid Mac & Windows desktop version:
● Deep access to parameters via intuitive graphical user interface
● Includes large set of instruments and variants
● Tweak and customize instruments and store your own variants
● Tuning map support, vibrato, tremolo, compression, convolution reverb,
    glides, MIDI CC mapping, and more.
● Ability to export instruments & variants to the iOS version

Audio examples:

How use Respiro Wind-Synth in Garageband without breath or wind-controller:
● Load the Respiro player as AUv3 in a Garageband track
● Click the Respiro settings cog-wheel and set this to AT2 (aftertouch)
● Play the built-in Garageband keyboard

Add more instruments via paid desktop version:
● More instruments are included in the full Mac/Windows version
● From Within the full version of Respiro
- Click the instrument browser menu, and
- Set the library code
- Find this code in the menu of the Respiro iOS player
- Set a midi program number for each instrument
   you want to export.
- Select the export option in the instrument browser menu
- a library file will be created on your desktop.
- Transfer this library file to your iPad/iPhone file folder.
● Within the Respiro iOS player
- Open the menu and select "import library"
- Navigate to the file folder
- Select the library file to be imported

● Please post questions and suggestion on the Imoxplus forum. We will answer a.s.a.p.

Version 1.2.870 release notes

Improved handling of sample-rate changes and audio output changes.