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Let the musical muses of Piano Motifs inspire your device to generate some original and beautiful motifs (short melodies).

Price $3.99
Author Fernando Morales
Type Tool
Supports Ableton Link
Rating total: 4.97959 (49), current: 4.97959 (49)
Version 2.48
Released 04/07/2020
Updated 10/21/2021
• Let the musical muses of Piano Motifs inspire your device to generate some original and beautiful motifs (short melodies).

• Check out the music that Piano Motifs can generate at: https://soundcloud.com/azul-3d

• Create original, catchy and inspiring MIDI loops with the touch of a button.

• No musical knowledge or skill is necessary to create completely new and original music. Piano Motifs is the simplest way to generate your own music.

• There are no preset melodies. Melodies are generated algorithmically. The melodic possibilities are endless.

• Move the slider to adjust the music tempo (speed-bpm) or select the key, scale, time signature, octave range, number of bars, melody constraints, melody note frequency and accompaniment style for your motif. Shift the octaves for both melody and accompaniment of a generated motif.

• Option to generate Swing rhythm for the melody.

• Motifs can now be up to 80 bars. The number of bars can be easily programmed.

• Program your own chord progressions and let Piano Motifs generate an accompaniment and melody for them.

• Arrange your motifs to create longer musical pieces. Create your own song structures using different motifs for different song sections. Shift octaves or semitones on the different sections of an arrangement.

• Choose from 12 different kinds of accompaniment styles.

• Define your arpeggio accompaniments.

• Choose from 5 different kinds of melody constraints.

• Major, Minor, Lydian, Mixolydian, Dorian, Phrygian, Harmonic Minor and Phrygian Dominant scales supported.

• Program the maximum melody note length.

• Replay music at different tempos.

• Name and save your favorite motifs.

• Save your motifs as MIDI files so you can edit them or add more instrumentation to them on your favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

• When export a MIDI file, export with a third MIDI track with one chord per bar. Ideal for synth pads, strings or chorus.

• Incorporate the MIDI file in your iOS production workflow.

• Share audio or MIDI through iMessages, e-mail, Whatsapp or AirDrop. Save audio or MIDI to your device's file system.

•  MIDI Out In-App Purchase: 
Play the music generated by Piano Motifs on your favorite synthesizer, DAW, a connect/route/mix app like AUM, or any app that has Virtual MIDI Destination (MIDI In) capabilities. IMPORTANT: Before purchasing please be aware that Piano Motifs DOES NOT OFFER Ableton Link functionality.

• MIDI Out In-App Purchase features include: 
- Setting Piano Motifs in loop mode
- Programmable delay for the start of a motif
- Independent programmable MIDI channels for melody and accompaniment
- MIDI Out settings are saved between Piano Motifs sessions

• Piano Motifs chooses a music key from many different scales and an accompaniment from a varied set of accompaniments. Piano Motifs then uses its musical theory algorithms to overlay a melody in the chosen key and accompaniment. Piano Motifs are short, they go from around  16 seconds to around 30 seconds.

Version 2.48 release notes

• New Melody Constraint settings available: Arpeggio and Tonic Arpeggio. When Arpeggio is selected the melody will play a random arpeggio with notes from the chord being played on each bar. When Tonic Arpeggio is selected the melody will play a random arpeggio with notes from the tonic chord. • Added new internal accompaniment variations for randomly generated motifs. • Fixed issue with incorrect duration of last note of a repeat sequence. • Fixed issue when programming the number of bars, the incorrect number of bars were generated for some time signatures or when locking the accompaniment. • Fixed crash that could occur when incrementing the number of bars after locking an accompaniment.