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The app gives you the basis to try out Grid Synth, Sampler & Rhythm. The Guide explains the basic functions to create soundscapes & melodies.

Price Free
Author Ectoplastic
Type Instrument
Instrument type Sampler, Synth
Instrument sounds All-in-one
Supports Ableton Link
Rating total: 4.59091 (22), current: 4.59091 (22)
Version 4.0.4
Released 01/18/2018
Updated 03/14/2024
Mazetools opens up a unique approach to music and creativity. It's about exploring sounds in a new way, experiencing them visually, changing them through gestures, coming across something in the process, a sound, a melody, a groove, a song...

For the first time, we have integrated an interface that allows you to control sound through movement. This is done through the camera of your device and ML-based body recognition. It enables new musical experiences and shared creative moments.

Mazetools are unique in their operation and complex in their own way. For some it's a welcome change, for others it's too crazy, for some it's just the right introduction to the world of sound.

There are currently two Mazetools: Mutant and Soniface. Mutant is comparable to a loop machine and works with a defined number of instruments. It produces results quickly, but thanks to the Hypercube it offers the possibility to change everything with a swipe and to hear sounds that always surprise us.

Soniface, on the other hand, is more modular when it comes to adding instruments. The settings of the synth, sampler and rhythm modules go into great detail. An important feature is the Gridsynth, an area of lines that correspond to a scale over several octaves. Automation plays a major role in Soniface: all instruments and their controllers can be controlled via LFOs, touch and camera-based body tracking.

Key Features
- Creative space to explore sound, music and geometric visuals
- Experiment with audio and visual objects and create your own scenes
- Operate controllers and play instruments via multitouch
- Motion interface to control instruments and parameters through gestures, movements and dance
- Cross-platform compatibility of project files
- Simple design for mobile devices, complex (regular) design for tablets and desktops
- Advanced in-app guide, FAQ & help function in English and German

- Gridsynth - A generative, visual synthesizer for drones and melodies incl. sequencer & arpeggiator
- Rhythm sequencer for sample- and synth-based basses and drums
- Spatial & granular soundscape sampler incl. mic input, sample library and file integration
- Key interface for cross-instrument tonality incl. progression sequencer
- Interactive LivePad and keyboard for Gridsynth, Bass & Sampler

Automation & Connectivity
- Advanced controller automation incl. multi-touch editor, body tracking interface
- MIDI input and output
- Master FX and Ableton Link
- Audiobus & Inter-App Audio (experimental support)
- Normal mouse and keyboard support

Mazetools Soniface is free worldwide and without advertising. You can support our work, our vision and all Soniface users by purchasing Soniface Pro, which includes additionally:

- Unlimited instruments (Mazes)
- Pattern mode to create unlimited scenes for songs and performances
- Visual mode with Airplay live video output for performance & VJing
- Unlimited internal audio recording (.wav, up to 7.1 on desktop).

We do our best to avoid bugs. So feel free to write us bugs and problems. Much more content, terms of use, credits and FAQ are in the app's guide.

About Mazetools
We are Stephan and Jakob, when we were 13 in 1999, we exchanged our first beat loops on floppy disks and wrote raps on them. Today we are still fascinated by sound, release our music and realize multimedia performances. You can find more information on

With this background, we share a lot of practical experience with Mazetools, from generative sound & visual patches to the development of multi-touch & motion tracking interfaces and VR sound development.

We use this technological core to empower creativity, make musical expression inclusive and thus democratize electronic music. We are still within this process, but there is a lot of potential! We invite you to join us. Every purchase directly supports, every positive review, post and constructive feedback. Thank you very much!

Version 4.0.4 release notes

Functions - New Automation Interface: Maze Connect - to connect a controller with controller of another Maze - Improved Controller view for automation and loop recording function - New Trigger Env Controller within the Sampler Effects UI - Improved Maze Modules Hub: Switch directly between Mazes and active Modules, get directly to the automation list of each module - Rename function for Patterns and Mazes - Improved Simple Design Navigation General - Bug fixes & performance improvements- Improved Rotation Visual - Updated Guide & In-App help function

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Instrument type Synth
Instrument sounds All-in-one
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