Light DJ Pro for Smart Lights

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Connects to Philips Hue, LIFX, and Nanoleaf Aurora to interact with your lights in tons of different ways.

Price $79.99
Type Tool
Supports Ableton Link
Rating total: 4.63291 (79), current: 4.63291 (79)
Version 11.0.3
Released 03/17/2015
Updated 07/09/2024
Connect to Philips Hue Entertainment, LIFX, and Nanoleaf Light Panels and take command of your music & entertainment lighting needs. Customize one of over 100+ professionally-designed lighting effects using the app's 3 unique lighting controllers. Light DJ Pro has been used in many creative applications, including special effects for home DJs, house parties, stage & video productions, holiday decorations, mood lighting for bars & restaurants, haunted houses, or just to create the ultimate music listening experience in your living room. Light DJ Pro is the #1 app for configurable entertainment effects for smart lighting.

*** THIS IS THE FULLY-UNLOCKED VERSION. You'll get all the benefits of a subscriber and only have to pay once. To sign up for a Light DJ subscription search for LIGHT DJ ENTERTAINMENT EFFECTS in the App Store! ***

MUSIC VISUALIZER: Create the ultimate music listening experience. The app listens to your music and changes the effects based on the mood of the song. Lights get active during intense parts of a song and flowy with softer melodies and magically change colors at just the right moment. Special controls for Nanoleaf allow you to control rotation and fill angle to match your Nanoleaf panel orientation.

STROBE MAKER: Strobe your lights with 5 different types of effects with the Matrix Strobe Maker. Tap and swipe using using multitouch and 3D Touch (on supported models).

BEAT-SYNCED EFFECTS: Use the Super SceneMaker controller for looping effects that sync to the beat of your music. Each of the 100+ effects can be customized with your favorite colors. Just turn on your lights and let the SceneMaker run all night long. Control the speed of your lights with precision manual tempo controls or auto beat detection using your device's built-in microphone. Mix local audio tracks into your playlists and sheets or select one from Apple Music.

HUE ENTERTAINMENT: Using a Hue Entertainment area you'll enjoy higher quality effects; all of Light DJ's effects respond faster and with better sync. Send waves of color across your room with the updated Groove Wave effect, or strobe faster with the Matrix controller.

EFFECT MAKER: Create your own looping special effects with our powerful Effects Maker. Share your custom-made effects and effect sheets with your friends using AirDrop.

IPAD VERSION: The iPad app offers a DJ Controller-inspired design for ultimate live-performance lighting control. Configurable sheets allow you to setup your effects and colors in advance, and big push-buttons make rapid changes easy.

MULTI-BRIDGE SUPPORT: Combine lights from two or more bridges using the legacy effects or control multiple simultaneous entertainment areas.

ABLETON LINK & MIDI SUPPORT: Seamlessly sync tempo with other apps & devices using Ableton Link or MIDI Clock Sync. Control effects by sending Program Change codes over MIDI.

--- Light DJ vs Light DJ Pro ---
Want the full experience without having to worry about renewing your subscription? This version will include all benefits of the subscription service without the recurring payments. You'll get the same benefits as a Light DJ Pro Subscription user without having to keep paying:
-Full use of all of the app's controllers and effects
-Universal access & cloud sync
-Continual updates to support new hardware and features
-Direct email technical support (I respond to every email!)
-For more details see

Visit for support or check out video previews at

This app requires hardware from one of these vendors:
- Philips Hue:
- Nanoleaf Light Panels (Shapes, Canvas, Lines, Elements, Aurora, Skylight):


Hi, I'm Kevin, creator of Light DJ Pro. I want to make sure that everyone gets a great light show, so if you're having issues getting the app to connect shoot me an email at I'm dedicated to making a quality app to show off your lights!

Version 11.0.3 release notes

Improved Hue connection code and fixed issue with random color appearing as green when using legacy Hue effects.

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Connects to Philips Hue, LIFX, and Nanoleaf Aurora to interact with your lights in tons of different ways.

Price Free
Type Tool
Supports Ableton Link
Rating total: 3.76689 (755), current: 3.76689 (755)
Released 08/31/2015
Updated 07/09/2024