Knob Lab - MIDI Controller by Sonic Logic

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Knob Lab is a powerful MIDI controller for iOS devices.

Price Free
Author Uri Nachmias
Type Controller
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA)
Rating total: 3.8 (10), current: 3.8 (10)
Version 2.1.2
Released 04/19/2014
Updated 09/25/2021
Knob Lab is a smart and powerful MIDI controller for iOS devices.

Control internal and external DAWs like Beatmaker 3, NanoStudio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase, Protools, Traktor, Modul8 and many more right from your device.

Knob Lab can control devices over USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Virtual MIDI (inter app communication), Audiobus or with a cable.

With Knob Lab you can create complex controls from a single rotatory controller - controlling up to 8 different MIDI destinations.

Version 2 adds tons of new features including iPad support, file browser, MIDI logger and many more...

Version 2.1.2 release notes

New MIDI core Fixes when transmitting pitchbend.

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Sonic Logic is a modular MIDI controller that allows you to edit and control MIDI setups from your iPad.

Price $9.99
Author Uri Nachmias
Type Controller
Supports Audiobus
Rating total: 4.4375 (16), current: 4.4375 (16)
Released 12/12/2012
Updated 05/02/2022