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The K Machine is an audiovisual instrument, allowing the creation of audiovisual animations based on visual shaders and sequenced audio samples, and designed for musicians, shaders enthusiasts, VJs, and animation lovers in search of a live oriented, open, audiovisual instrument.

Price $8.99 $6.99
Author Dominique Baillot
Type Host
Supports Audiobus, Ableton Link
Rating total: 3.77778 (18), current: 3.77778 (18)
Version 2.77
Released 05/07/2016
Updated 09/14/2021
"Fantastic app"

K Machine is a new kind of audio visual instrument, allowing the creation of sound & touch responsive, dynamic, and vibrant animations.
Designed for for musicians, shaders enthusiasts, VJs, and animation lovers in search of a live oriented, open, audiovisual instrument, K Machine combines  a powerful audio sample sequencer and an original vertex shader sequencer based on a unique 'automatic transition interpolation' engine.

▶ A multifunctional tool
The K Machine can be used in different ways:

• As a VJing tool, using an audio input through mic or any other Audiobus compatible App.
• As a sound creation tool, with the default empty shader so you won't be distracted by any visual animation.
• Or in its full potential for true audiovisual composition.

▶ Import your sounds
• K Machine accepts WAV and AIFF formats, 16 bits, 44100 Hz
• Import from iTunes File sharing, Audioshare, Audiopaste or "Open in..." from any app with Export functionality.

▶ Import your visuals
• The initial version of K Machine comes with more than 30 default vertex shaders, and 4 commented shader examples.
• No limitation ! Import your own visuals, with the "Open in.." feature, use any external code editor App with Export functionality to create your own vertex shaders files.
• Shaders format is 100% compatible with shaders from vertexshaderart.com
• A simple line of code allows the creation of up to 8 parameter controllers for each vertex shader.

▶ A flexible tool
• Each loop can have its own BPM.
• Each loop can have its own number of beats.
• Events can be splitted in 1/3, 1/5 1/7 or 1/11 !

▶ Capture videos on the fly
• Simple click on the 'video capture' button starts live video recording of your ongoing session with zero drop in performance.
• Resulting video is automatically recorded in your photo album and can be shared on Facebook, EveryPlay, Youtube...

▶ Project on second screen with invisible UI
Connect your device with HDMI or VGA adapter to display only the visual part of the ongoing animation. Perfect for live session !

▶ Universal app
Buy once and use on your IPad and Iphone devices.

▶ Use with other apps
• Ableton link Ableton link: synchronise with any Ableton link app.
• Audiobus 3.0.3
• Audiobus Remote: control K Machine from another device.
• Audioshare: import edit your own samples with Audioshare.
• Audiopaste and Audiostore: import sample with Audiopaste and/or browse an amazing sample collection through the Audiostore.
See a new online video demo for v 2.0 here: https://vimeo.com/215816844

Full documentation : http://kolargon.art/KMachineV2Doc/KMachineV2Documentation.html

K Machine gives it's full potential with  openGL ES 3 capable devices. Please check documentation to make sure your device is compatible.

The K Machine won't work for the following devices:
iPhone 4s and earlier
iPad 3 and earlier
iPad Mini 1
iPod Touch 5 and earlier

Will work with some limitation on the following devices.

iPhone 5
iPhone 5c
iPad 4
iPad Air
iPad Mini 2
iPad Mini 3

If you like the app, please consider posting a review on the AppStore, this will really help.

Ideas, suggestions are very welcome, do not hesitate to leave your contributions in the comments or even better, at www.kolargon.art.

Please do contact(mail below) to report any bug of any kind on any platform. It will fix it ASAP.

Check/subscribe for more infos, docs and demos:

This app use Superpowered audio sdk.

Version 2.77 release notes

small corrections on domain links and docs