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It presents the perfect balance of a professional, creative music sampler with simplicity & speed that DJs & musicians demand.

Price Free
Author andy van dorsselaer
Type Instrument
Instrument type Sampler
Instrument sounds DJ
Supports Audiobus
Rating total: 1.5 (2), current: 1.5 (2)
Version 1.7.0
Released 06/27/2013
Updated 08/22/2018
Meet the Ultimate DJ Sampler, the iPRO.DJSAMPLER.
Designed and developed by a team of industry professional DJs, EDM Producers & Musicians at iThirtySeven, it presents the perfect balance of a professional, creative music sampler with simplicity & speed that DJs & musicians demand, and it’s right at your fingertips. This App incorporates a beautifully designed real-world interface & will transform your DJ sets & live performances into hyped up, hands in the air experiences.

This Sampler gives the user the ability to:
• Load & trigger hundreds of samples at ultra fast speeds
• Drop vocal samples & sound effects over your DJ sets
• Play loops & sounds on the fly to create awesome live performances.
• And via the in-App iPro Store you can purchase Sample Packs from some of the World’s leading DJs & producers. Also available are the iPro Sample Packs, including Dubstep, Electro, Dutch House, Rap, Male & Female Vocal packs. The Sampler also incorporates a cutting edge XY Pad to control 16 amazing effects including mind blowing Pitch, Gating & Roll & Delay effects.
• There’s also a high-end Time-Stretch feature to time-stretch loops & samples to any BPM & there’s also the ability to Load your own Samples. (Effects & Features available via the iPro Store).

The App has 4 main sections:

• 16 Trigger pads that illuminate when a Sample is triggered.
• Pad Editor button : Use this button to set the way you want each individual sample to play back.
incl. 5 Playback Types : Play, Touch, Start/Stop, Loop+Touch, Loop+Start/Stop
• Effects Assign button : This button enables you to assign which Pads you want effected. The yellow L.E.D. light in top left corner of each Trigger Pad indicates whether samples will be effected.

• Here you control the XY Pad to control effects
• Swipe across to bring up next set of 8 effects, you can also Load or Edit Sample Packs & Set Tempo
• Version 1.1.1 now includes 8 FREE Effects, including Reverb, Delays, Hi & Low Pass Filters, Phaser, Crusher & more.

• Large library of DJ, Producer, Label & iPro Sample packs
• Effects Pack01 - Reverb, Echo, Delay, Flanger, Low & High Pass Filters, Phaser & Crusher - NOW FREE
• Effects Pack02 - Pitch Shift, Scratch Gater, Pitch Verb, Room Reckr, Dub Delay, Roll FX & Roll
• Import Audio - Load your own samples from your music library (Wav, MP3, NOTE : Max 30secs each sample)
• Time Stretch - High end feature to time stretch all ‘BPM-Coded’ samples
• Skins - Change the look of iPro.DJSampler

• Here you can l to quickly Select & load Sample Packs at ultra fast speed.
• Swipe across to view or load next set of 8 Sample Packs.

• Amazing real world interface by Italian graphic designer : Gianluca Divisi
• XY pad with ability to control & hold effects settings as well as dry/wet slider to set effect’s amount
• 16 ultra fast response Trigger Pads that display sample names & illuminate while each sample plays.
• 8 Effects Buttons: Select desired effects, or swipe left to view additional 8 effects.
• Sample pack load area for fast selection & loading of Sample Packs
• Includes 2 Free Sample Packs with 16 samples, including loops, vocals & sound effects.
• Access to iPro.DJSampler Store to purchase additional Features, Effects & Sample Packs
• Effects Assign Button : allows you to assign which trigger pads are effected
• Pad Editor Button : with 5 different playback types : Play, Touch, Start/Stop, Loop+Touch, Loop+Start/Stop
• Fast access, full featured, multi-page Help area
• Tempo keypad to set BPM
• Master Volume control.
• Skin Support - allowing you to change the look of iPro.DJSampler
• Edit Button : to Rename or Delete Sample Pack
• In-App Battery display
• Audiobus support
• Audio background playback
• Retina Display
• Note : Minimum iOS needed is iOS 7
• Note : Use on iPad1 is not recommended

Version 1.7.0 release notes

Bug fixes and performance improvements