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iDousyn is a Mobile Instrument App with a lot of high quality sounds selected for different musical genres.

Price Free
Author Jorge Lozada
Type Instrument
Instrument type Sampler
Instrument sounds All-in-one
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA)
Rating total: 3.83582 (67), current: 3.83582 (67)
Version 3.5.2
Released 03/01/2011
Updated 02/14/2024
iDousyn for iOS is an innovative synthesizer app that redefines mobile music production. Designed for musicians, producers and audio enthusiasts, this breakthrough app seamlessly combines studio-quality power with on-the-go convenience. Every aspect of iDousyn, from its robust oscillators to its precision filters and DSP effects, is meticulously designed to unleash your creative potential.

Key Features:

Advanced Oscillators – Create intricate soundscapes effortlessly.
Customizable Filters: Sculpt your sound using high-fidelity LP, HP, BP, High Shelf and Low Shelf filters.
Professional DSP effects: Elevate your music with reverb, delay and EQ.
Dual Channel Functionality: Layer sounds for dynamic, versatile production.
MIDI Control: Take advantage of a detailed and adaptable MIDI system for a personalized music experience.
Seamless integration: Incorporate iDousyn into your workflow through InterApp-Audio and AudioCopy.
Record and share effortlessly: Capture your musical masterpieces and share them effortlessly with your audience.

Additional characteristics:

Chord Pads: Easily create and manipulate complex chords and harmonies, bringing your music to life.
iCloud Integration: Protect your sound presets in the cloud and sync them between devices that share the same iCloud account.
Built-in Metronome: Maintain a consistent tempo and customize tempo and rhythm patterns to suit various musical styles.
MIDI Keyboard Support: You can also connect an external MIDI keyboard.
Extensive file format support: Seamlessly export your creations in various audio formats, including WAV, AIFF, CAF and M4A.

Experience the future of music creation with iDousyn for iOS, where innovation meets inspiration.

Version 3.5.2 release notes

• Bug fixes and technical improvements