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FX Composer is a multi-effect.

Price $1.99
Author Herve Noury
Type Effect
Effect type All-in-one
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA)
Version 1.3
Released 03/14/2015
Updated 01/15/2020
FX Composer is a multi-effect. It includes the protocol Inter-App Audio.

FX Composer includes these effects :
- noise gate
- compressor / expander
- fuzz / distortion
- multimode filter (LPF, BPF, HPF)
- chorus / flanger
- delay
- reverb (short and long hall reverbs)
- EQ : bass and trebles definition.

We did the synthesizer called «Dazibao», and we wanted to create an innovative multi-effect using the new concepts of this polyphonic synthesizer. We choose to implement four new kind of interfaces and programming concepts to this unit : you can use these effects as a casual one using the «single effect» mode, or you can create sequences of effects synchronized to the BPM of the host, or pads XY of four effects, or layers controlled by the input level, or also a keyboard of effects with a programmable time transition.

These four modes will help you to imagine new directions in the field of the sound design we guess! With few actions, you'll be able to create the most unbelievable effects very quickly and easily!

You can use FX Composer to enhance the audio input of your iPad, or use the Inter-App Audio protocol to add a powerful multi-effect to your set. In this case, the BPM of FXComposer is automatically synchronized to the host.

Enjoy it!

Tested using an iPad with an A7 processor, GarageBand with several music synthesizers and audio inputs for IAA

Version 1.3 release notes

Correction of a bug concerning the display of synthesizer controls in iOS13. Added system information regarding the use of the microphone.

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