AudioKit FM Player DX Synth/EP

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Free iPad instrument featuring the classic sounds of famous 80s FM Synthesizers.

Price $1.99
Author AudioKit Pro
Type Instrument
Instrument type Sampler
Instrument sounds Keyboards
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA), Audiobus
Rating total: 4.86754 (2499), current: 4.86754 (2499)
Version 2.4.1
Released 12/07/2017
Updated 04/12/2020
Beautiful iPad instrument featuring classic famous 80s FM Synth, EP, and FM Tine sounds. Featured by Apple. Trusted by over 100,000+ musicians worldwide!

Played by HERBIE HANCOCK in the studio!

"Best DX7 Sounds on any Platform" - Power DX7
"Best Sounding FM Synth for iOS" - Ask.Audio
"FM Player is great! It's in my bag for every session" - Henny tha Bizness, 4x Grammy Producer
"BEST APPS OF 2017" - Electronic Musician Magazine
"BEST iOS APPS – 2017" - Audio News Room (ANR)

“Presets sound authentically like the original hardware”
– Electronic Musician Magazine

FM Player 2 is the secret weapon for major musicians and grammy-winning producers. Now, you can have all these award-winning sounds on your iPad.

•  Faithful multi-sampled recordings of famous classic presets from original retro 80s FM Synthesizers
•  Stand-alone iPad Synth, plus IAA & Audiobus
•  Basic AUv3 Plugin support. We're working on upgrading Audio Unit support.
•  Vintage Arp & 16-Step Sequencer
•  200+ presets and 150+ multi-sampled PCMs included!
•  NEW Vintage Stereo Phaser Effect
•  1+ Gigabyte of sounds, compressed to under 300mb!
•  Dual layers per voice. KeyboardSplits. Morph between sounds
•  Full ADSR Envelopes for each Layer
•  3 LFOs. Fun Routings. LFOs can modify other LFOs.
•  NEW FX: Vintage Chorus, Flanger, Amp Simulator, and more
•  Beautiful Reverb, Auto Pan, Bit Crush, Stereo Fatten, and more!
•  MIDI in (Play with a MIDI Keyboard)
•  Analog Tape Style Ping-Pong Delay
•  Mono glide & legato modes
•  Dual Independent Filters per layer
•  Tempo-sync controls & Ableton Link

•  GREAT for playing Live with a Keyboard: MIDI Mod Wheel, Pitch Wheel, Program Change, Velocity sensitive sounds, and Sustain Pedal support already added

•  All Knobs have MIDI Learn!

NOTE: This app is amazing as a live instrument controlled with a MIDI Keyboard. The main Electric Piano and Full Tines sounds have 20+ layers for maximum expressiveness.


“Sounds LUSH and Awesome!”
– The Sound Test Room

"FM Player proves the iPad can be a great sounding, viable synth."

- Ask.Audio

"The sound quality is incredible! Absolutely amazing!"
- IOSoundDesign, AudioBus Forum

"Truly sounds like the real deal! DX7 is all about the EPs for me...and this one nails it!" - David A., AudioBus Forum

"So crisp and clean. I had a few 80/90’s flashbacks on some of those presets. Very cool!" – Eros, AudioBus Forum

+ We are all volunteers, we do not get paid anything to make this app. We would be humbled if you checked it out. 100% of proceeds go to support the AudioKit open-source project.

• Official Video:

*** Optimized for newer iPads for best performance.
Note: App may not work on older iPad 4 devices.

• Source Code to make your own app available free:

* This app has no official affiliation with Yamaha or the DX7 or DX7II. FM Player is an open-source project to bring the joy of music making to the world. We appreciate Yamaha's beautiful instruments.

** This app has no official endorsement with any artist or producer named in the description (including Herbie Hancock, Jay-Z, Drake, etc). We are humbled they have used our apps. They have received no payment or otherwise compensation for using our apps. :)

Thank you!

Version 2.4.1 release notes

THANK YOU, HOPE YOU'RE STAYING SAFE & HEALTHY :) Quick Fixes: Layers Panel shows up correctly on all iPads now + Supports Dark Mode (saving / renaming Presets and Banks now is visible) Plus 2.4 Updates: • Added Inter-app Audio (IAA) & Audiobus support • We're working on improving AUv3. In the meantime, we've added IAA & AB back. • We also really appreciate everyone who got the new Bass 808 app. Its new code is helping us with this app. • We've got more to go... We're working constantly to improve AudioKit apps for you. Thanks for your support! The app will just get better & better - stay tuned! Email friendly notes to: We're working hard to improve the app for you! Hope you all stay creative and healthy. Please take care of yourselves and fellow musicians. <3 Stay tuned!

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With Hey Metronome, you can put your earbuds on and control everything with your voice, from tempo and meter, to beat patterns, to even what song you are practicing. Just say, “Hey metronome set the tempo to 120,” “Hey metronome, shuffle,” or “Hey Metronome, next song,” and you’re off.

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AudioKit Synth One is a completely free & open-source professional iOS Synthesizer. 

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Author AudioKit Pro
Type Instrument
Instrument type Synth
Instrument sounds Keyboards
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA), Audiobus, Audio Unit (AU), Ableton Link
Rating total: 4.91197 (12848), current: 4.91197 (12848)
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Updated 09/01/2020