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ChordPolyPad is a chords player for Midi instruments, sequencers or virtual instruments installed on the same iPad.

Price $19.99
Author Laurent Colson
Type Controller
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA), Audiobus
Rating total: 4.6087 (46), current: 4.6087 (46)
Version 2.2.2
Released 09/08/2013
Updated 04/13/2024
"ChordPolyPad" is a MIDI chords player that allows you to create chord sets from a large internal library, from any combination of notes, or from chords generated randomly. Each set consists of 8 groups of 16 pads, or 2 groups of 64 pads.

In addition to play chords, each pad can generate customizable MIDI controls on its horizontal and vertical axis.

It can be used as a standalone application or an AUv3 MIDI effect plug-in.

The application supports full internal and external MIDI connections for input and output. An internal sound bank is included.

The AUv3 MIDI effect plug-in supports multiple instances. A compatible host is required to run the plug-in. The host needs to support the Audio Unit v3 (AUv3) MIDI effect format.

Hosts supporting AUv3 MIDI effect: Logic Pro, Cubasis, Beatmaker, AUM, Audiobus, NanoStudio, Auria Pro, apeMatrix.


• Standalone application and AUv3 MIDI effect plug-in
• 8 groups of 16 pads or 2 groups of 64 pads by preset (128 pads)
• MIDI port and MIDI channel assignable for each pad
• Customizable X/Y controller for each pad
• Velocity assignable for each chord note
• Strumming setup by pad
• Copy and paste for pads and groups
• Draggable chords directly from library
• Searching for chords available in a defined scale
• Random chords for instant inspiration
• Multitasking
• Internal sound bank
• Receiving MIDI notes and control from external devices
• Send MIDI to a virtual port that can be used as MIDI input by other "Core MIDI" compatible applications
• Presets manager
• "Program Change" support
• Preset sharing support by "AirDrop", "Mail", "Message" and other available services
• Native iCloud support
• "iCloud Drive" support in "Files" app on iOS and in "Finder" on macOS
• Full support of "Split View" and "Slide Over"
• Undo/Redo

Supported MIDI connections:

• Virtual "Core MIDI" connections between applications
• Any compatible MIDI interface
• MIDI over Wifi
• MIDI over Bluetooth

Version 2.2.2 release notes

• MIDI controller ranges can now be set to the same minimum and maximum value in order to send a fixed MIDI value • Minor bugs fixed

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