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Connect your E-Drum or any other MIDI device with your iPhone/iPad, put your headphones on and start instantly enjoying sound of acoustic and electronic sounds.

Price $13.99 $0.99
Author Eduard Farkas
Type Instrument
Instrument type Sampler
Instrument sounds Drums, Percussion
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA), Audiobus
Rating total: 4.30769 (13), current: 4.30769 (13)
Version 1.6
Released 08/23/2019
Updated 10/31/2019
BarbaXDrums is a virtual extension for your E-Drum and more...

Here is some feedback by BarbaXDrums users:

„It was the surprise of the day!
Awesome sounds!“

„I think your drum module is very nice sounding, covers a lot of styles and the effects and drum parameter alterations work well. It is the only drum module that I know of on iOS that is similar to other bigger packages on the desktop.“

„I have hundreds of drum samples ... and already feel some of yours are the best I have
-very tastefully selected..."

"When I tested different drum kits, I often forgot the time because it was so much fun to play along with my favorite drumless songs and often I had tears of happiness in my eyes ..." - Founder of BarbaXDrums

Connect your E-Drum or any other MIDI device with your iPhone/iPad, put your headphones on and start instantly enjoying sound of acoustic and electronic sounds. (MIDI adapter required for connection! For example iRig pro) You can load and play on board presets or use them as a starting point to create your own. Change instruments with a variety of different effects (compressor, equaliser, tuner, delay...) and save them as your favourite preset. Save as many presets as you wish. BarbaXDrums has no preset limitation.

+ 20+ Drum presets on board, to get you started!
+ Over 180 multi-layer and one-shot instruments
+ Samples in 24 bit and 44.1 kHz
+ Combine up to 21 individual drum sounds per drum set!
+ Create and save your sets. Number of user presets is NOT limited!
+ Audiobus 3 & Inter-app Audio (IAA)
+ MIDI IN (control with e-Drum, MIDI keyboard, other controller or Audiobus/ IAA)
+ Bluetooth MIDI IN
+ MIDI LEARN function for fast mapping/connecting your MIDI hardware
+ Connect two or more instruments and play them with one pad (ONE MIDI NOTE) as a “sub instrument”
+ Up to 3-zone cymbals with choke function are supported!
+ On board audio recorder
+ Choose from 5 different audio formats for recording and exporting
+ Share function. You can share your recordings instantly
+ Every instrument has several effects for different sound creations:
+ Compressor
+ 4 Equalisers:
   Low End: 20-250 Hz
   Lower Midrange: 250-1000 Hz
   Upper Midrange: 1-8 kHz
   High End: 8-20 kHz
+ Panorama
+ Tuner/Pitcher
+ Different reverbs/hall
+ Chorus
+ Delay
+ Background mode, lets you play along with other apps or drumless songs from the internet

We would love to hear your music made with BarbaXDrums! Email us your music (also in case if you find any bugs):

More information on our website:

Version 1.6 release notes

+ Ed thank you for the BarbaXDrums banner in your iOS Music Apps Facebook group and unbelievable ad on your Youtube channel!! I really appreciate it!!  Music is Sharing <3 1.6 contains: + iOS13 UI Improvements - Lloyd D. Jr. thanks for the info! + now BarbaXDrums asks you if you want to save factory presets as user preset to simplify the processes. + If you know somebody who would like to download BarbaXDrums but can't buy it, PLEASE email me at and I´ll give a redeem code for free. + + Many thanks also to all of you for your support, your feedback, for donating your time and share your suggestions to make BarbaXDrums great! If you Like BarbaXDrums, please support us and let a short review in the AppStore… Thanks Everyone! We love hearing your music! Share it with us on Youtube or post on Facebook. For friendly conversation or also in case if you have any suggestions, please email us at  Spread the love!