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Backpack Studio allows you to easily create professional sounding,  studio quality recordings -  from anywhere in the world.

Price $6.99
Author Ed Filowat
Type Instrument
Instrument type Sampler
Instrument sounds Other
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA), Audiobus
Rating total: 4.73468 (147), current: 4.73468 (147)
Version 1.4.0
Released 12/09/2018
Updated 11/25/2019
Leave your equipment at home - create professional sounding podcasts and radio on the go, from anywhere - using only your iPhone or iPad.    

Your show is automatically mixed and mastered while it’s being recorded.  Focus your time and energy on being creative, instead of doing post-production work.  

Backpack is the successor to bossjock studio,  from the original developer, and based upon years of refinement  and user feedback.   A must-have app for podcasters and radio DJs - both beginner and pro.


- Record your voice while triggering sounds live - intros, background music,  and  sound effects.   Sounds automatically adjust volume in real time.   No need for multitrack or post production software.   Recording your show becomes a creative live performance!

- A powerful soundboard with unlimited pages of soundpads.   Scroll pads to the  left and a new  empty page appears -  ready to go!   Reposition sounds, or pin sounds to a specific pad to appear on each page.  Configure the size, color, and behavior of each pad as needed.   Swipe the pads vertically to live mix the volume.

- Import sounds into the soundboard from anywhere - iCloud, dropbox, google drive, your music library, email, even import directly from other apps.  

-  Turn your podcast into a creative video using animations, text, and photos.  Great for promoting your show on social media!  

- Find the perfect eq filter for your voice.   Noise gate to lower background noise.    Studio quality compression, limiting, and eq algorithms are  automatically applied to your mix live for a loud, studio quality mastered sound.  

- Encodes to all popular formats, mp3, wav, m4a,
aiff, and video.

- Publish recordings directly to  iCloud, dropbox, Facebook, youtube, an FTP,  Libsyn,  or open in any app on your phone that accepts audio or video.

- Full VoiceOver compatibility for visually impaired producers .    

- Battery and cpu optimization.  Records in compressed audio to save 90% of the drive space space of other mixing apps. (optional)

- Inter-app audio and audiobus support allow you to stream to other  apps.  

- Unrivaled hardware support. Backpack works with all usb / external mics like the Apogee Mic, IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast and Blue Mikey.   4 channel usb mixer support for Focusrite mixers.    Mix the left and right channels together or disable the iOS built in gain control (AGC) via the settings panel.   We're always adding support for the latest iOS hardware.

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Version 1.4.0 release notes

We're excited to announce two new items in the backpack: Video Maker - Turn your podcast into a creative video using animations, text, and photos. Great for promoting your show on social media! Mic filters - An eight band parametric eq and noise gate. Find the perfect eq filter for your voice in the settings, enable the noise gate to lower background noise from the room. With this update your podcast has never looked or sounded better! other minor improvements - File lists are now searchable at the top - Emergency file recovery backpack system - External recordings can be imported directly into the recordings list - Pads have a darker color after they finish playing while recording or streaming so you know which pads you already played. Bugfixes and performance improvements.