AutoPad — Ambient Pad Loops

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AutoPad is an app for musicians that allows you to play ambient pad loops.

Price $5.99
Author Ryan Robinson
Type Instrument
Instrument type Sampler
Instrument sounds Keyboards, Other
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA), Audiobus
Rating total: 4.42 (100), current: 4.42 (100)
Version 1.8.3
Released 09/04/2017
Updated 10/16/2020
AutoPad is the easiest way for your band to run background pads!

Designed with worship musicians in mind, AutoPad is a tool that helps you easily run ambient pad loops. Simply tap a key to start a pad, and AutoPad will provide a tasteful soundscape that plays for as long as you desire. Natural crossfades between keys are handled automatically.


- AutoPad has two modes: LIVE mode gives you instant access to all twelve keys, while SETLIST mode allows you to create a custom list of songs.

- AutoPad comes with 10 carefully designed pad sounds. Each one provides a unique atmosphere in all 12 keys.

- Expand your sound library by importing your own pads or by purchasing one of the in-app sound packs.

- AutoPad comes with a fully-featured AUv3 plugin! Run AutoPad alongside other music apps in your favorite AUv3 host.

- AutoPad features a built-in metronome. Keep your band locked in without needing to lug around a tracks rig.

- AutoPad's menu gives you control over crossfade time, two filters, reverb amount, pan, and volume.

- AutoPad responds to MIDI! Plug in a MIDI controller or use a MIDI-enabled app to control AutoPad.

- AutoPad features a dark color scheme that is easy on the eyes and performs well on the stage.

Version 1.8.3 release notes

New in AutoPad 1.8.3: - Fix an issue with Bluetooth audio (it works again) - Fix an issue where user sounds wouldn't use their root note setting - AutoPad now stops pads when host stops (AUv3) - Pads now light up in response to MIDI note messages when running as an audio unit (AUv3) - Stability improvements. Should fix a number of crashes relating to audio interruptions and configuration changes. - Audio tails now fade out when app goes to background instead of abruptly cutting off.

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