AudioKit L7 - Live Looper

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L7 is the live looper for iOS.

Price $2.99
Author Coda Labs Incorporated
Type Instrument
Instrument type Sampler
Instrument sounds Other
Supports Audiobus, Ableton Link
Rating total: 4.34321 (236), current: 4.34321 (236)
Version 1.42
Released 12/10/2019
Updated 10/06/2020
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L7 is the ultimate AUv3 live looper for iOS.

Inspired by the Roland Boss RC-505 Loop Station, L7 packs dozens of features previously only found in professional hardware loopers into a sleek, easy to use package with virtually unlimited creative potential.

- Use it as a standalone or an AUv3 plugin
- Record up to 16 tracks
- 9 effects per track + master effects & input effects
    - Pan
    - Reverse
    - Reverb
    - Tremolo
    - Tempo delay
    - Pitch shift (± 12 semitones)
    - Comb filter
    - High pass filter
    - Low pass filter
    - Voicetune with 144 different 
       scales, control amount & speed
- Automatically trigger effect changes hands-free
- Variable loop length with auto-stop
- Mute / unmute individual sections of a track
- Mute / solo buttons for each track
- MIDI bindings for delete, overdub, and re-record
- AU parameters for effects, mute, solo, and reverse
- Automatic recording based on volume threshold
- Overdub tracks
- Save sessions and export to your favorite DAW
- Import audio from any file format (wav, mp3, aiff, m4a, etc.)
- Compatible with Audiobus and all AUv3 hosts (AUM, Garageband, etc.)
- Sync with other apps using Ableton Link
- Works with most USB audio interfaces
- Best with wired headphones

Version 1.42 release notes

Fixed some iOS 14 bugs!

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Author Coda Labs Incorporated
Type Effect
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Rating total: 4.51872 (347), current: 4.51872 (347)
Released 08/01/2018
Updated 01/11/2019