Wotja Pro 19: Generative Music

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Love creating or listening to music & melodies in the ambient genre? Use top-of-the-range Wotja Pro 19 to generate fresh music that’s beautiful, personal & unique to you.

Price $14.99 $12.99
Author Intermorphic Ltd.
Type Host
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA), Audiobus
Rating total: 5 (19), current: 5 (5)
Version 19.9.0
Released 01/01/2019
Updated 09/04/2019
Wotja lets you easily create live generative music, MIDI, melodies and soundscapes. Use it for ideas, inspiration, composition, experimentation, entertainment … or even for sleep and relaxation.

Wotja Pro 19 is a paid-for app and it has the top-of-the-range Wotja 'Pro’ Feature Set. It will get all relevant Wotja V19 updates during the course of 2019.

• Create live music, melodies, ideas and MIDI using generative music and text-to-music techniques
• Experiment with 'reflective', adaptive and generative music composition, sound design, soundscape mixing and scripting
• Easily generate and play beautiful ambient music for relaxation, reflection, meditation, sleep and mindfulness
• Plus… make 'cut-up' text ideas for song lyrics, haiku, poetry, writing etc.

"Great app, complex, deep and unique", "Simply the best", "Masterpiece"

• 'Flow' for mix-after-mix of live relaxing music & melodies
• 'Add New' > Mix (Automatic) for an editable mix
• 'Add New' > Album (Automatic) for an album of mixes

• Top-of-the-range 'Pro’ Feature Set: Music Play Time Timeout ('MPTT’) of 8 hours, multi-track editing, multi-channel MIDI In/Out, in-mix randomization, template merging etc.; See our website for full details on Feature Sets
• Create, edit, save & export mixes, albums, sound & FX networks, scripts & cut-up text
• 'Flow' mode for a succession of freshly generated mixes
• 'Randomization Schemes' to change the feel of automatic mixes (Flow, Albums etc.) & randomly select Sounds & FX
• 100s of gorgeous generative music templates & Sound/FX presets
• 48 independent content cells in 12 tracks for live mixing/generative cell sequencing
• Music Engine (IME) with 130+ parameters for generative (MIDI) music generation
• Sound Engine (ISE) with ’Macro Oscillator 1', a port of the popular open-source sound generator from Mutable Instruments, plus many other synth & FX units + presets
• IME 'text to music' capability for melodies & 'reflective music'
• Cut-up editor for word locking, syllable rules, word alternatives, 5 source fields & more
• Wotja Script (ECMAScript AKA JavaScript) for programmatic control of parameters
• 2 Built-in Albums of relaxing music mixes
• Support for SF2, Dark/Light UI, iCloud, IAA/Audiobus etc.
• Mixdown recording to WAV, MIDI & Video
• Opens Noatikl, Mixtikl & Liptikl files
• Lots more...
• Will get all relevant Wotja V19 updates during the course of 2019

Try the FREE Subscription version and then purchase a Subscription to a 'Pro' Feature Set tier. The Subscription version also includes optional 'Long Play' Subscriptions for those that need to play their own mixes in e.g. a long play music installation.

From a double BAFTA award-winning dev team, Wotja is the continued evolution of the legendary 'SSEYO Koan', Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl & Tiklbox. It uses a combination of AI Techniques & heuristics we’ve been crafting for nearly 30 years.

• Privacy: https://intermorphic.com/privacy
• Terms: https://intermorphic.com/tos

Something not working right? Please do get in touch via our Help Page 'Contact Us' options. Thank you!

Version 19.9.0 release notes

Fixed: Rare crash related to the video touch/click overlay that could happen even if it was not turned on in Settings Fixed: More bugs P.S. Enjoying Wotja? Please help by updating your rating and review - it really helps!

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