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Love creating or listening to music & melodies in the ambient genre? Use top-of-the-range Wotja Pro 19 to generate fresh music that’s beautiful, personal & unique to you.

Price $14.99
Author Intermorphic Ltd.
Type Host
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA), Audiobus
Rating total: 4.5 (13), current: 5 (1)
Version 19.7.8
Released 01/01/2019
Updated 07/13/2019
Easily create generative music, melodies, ideas and soundscapes with Wotja Pro 19, a market leading generative system with the top-of-the-range 'Pro’ Feature Set. Use it for musical fun, inspiration, experimentation, relaxation and even sleep. As the Wotja 'experience' is generated live on your device you can use it offline, too!

• Create live & adaptive music, melodies, ideas & MIDI using generative and text-to-music techniques
• Experiment with generative music composition, sound design, soundscape mixing & scripting
• Generate & play beautiful ambient music for relaxation, reflection, meditation, sleep & mindfulness
• Make 'cut-up' text ideas for song lyrics, haiku, poetry & creative writing

"Masterpiece", "the best generative software that I have ever used", "Brilliant", "Extremely musical", "Deep and professional", "best MIDI composition tool", "Love Wotja!"

• 'Flow' for mix-after-mix of live relaxing music & melodies
• 'Add New' > Album (Automatic) for an album of mixes
• 'Add New' > Mix (Automatic) for an editable mix

• 'Pro’ Feature Set includes: Music Play Time Timeout ('MPTT’) of 8 hours; multi-channel MIDI In/Out; WAV, MIDI and Video mixdown recordings of up to 1000 bars or 3600 seconds + more (see our website for full details on Feature Sets)
• Create, edit, save & export mixes, albums, sound & FX networks, scripts & cut-up text
• 'Flow' mode for a succession of freshly generated mixes
• 'Randomization Schemes' to change the feel of automatic mixes (Flow, Albums etc.) & randomly select Sounds & FX
• 100s of gorgeous generative music templates & Sound/FX presets
• Built-in 'Calm' & 'Relax’ Albums of specially created relaxing music mixes
• Music Engine (IME) with 130+ parameters for generative (MIDI) music generation
• Sound Engine (ISE) with ’Macro Oscillator 1', a port of the popular open-source sound generator from Mutable Instruments, plus many other synth & FX units + presets
• IME 'Text-to-Music' capability for melody generation
• Wotja Script (ECMAScript AKA JavaScript) for programmatic control of parameters
• 48 independent content cells in 12 tracks for live mixing/generative cell sequencing
• Editors to let you experiment with sound design & modular synth/FX networks
• Cut-up editor for word locking, syllable rules, word alternatives, 5 source fields & more
• Support for SF2, Dark/Light UI, iCloud, IAA/Audiobus etc.
• Opens Noatikl, Mixtikl & Liptikl files
• Lots more...
• Will get all relevant Wotja V19 updates during the course of 2019

Try the FREE Subscription version and then purchase a Subscription to a 'Pro' Feature Set tier. The Subscription version also includes optional 'Long Play' Subscriptions for those that need to play their own mixes in e.g. a long play music installation.

From a double BAFTA award-winning dev team, Wotja is the continued evolution of the legendary 'SSEYO Koan', Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl & Tiklbox. It uses a combination of AI Techniques & heuristics we’ve been crafting for nearly 30 years.

• Privacy: https://intermorphic.com/privacy
• Terms: https://intermorphic.com/tos

Something not working right? Please do get in touch via our Help Page 'Contact Us' options. Thank you!

Version 19.7.8 release notes

FIXED: Documents screen User segment sort order for A-Z and Z-A is now case insensitive FIXED: Yet more bugs squashed P.S. Enjoying Wotja? Please help by updating your rating and review - it really helps!

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