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Play or save the files with added reverb. Use play through mode or Audiobus for realtime reverberation.

Price Free
Author Markus Sigg
Type Effect
Effect type Reverb, Delay, Echo
Supports Audiobus, Audio Unit (AU)
Rating 4 (30), current: - (0)
Version 6.0
Released 04/26/2013
Updated 06/08/2019
Upload audio files by iTunes File Sharing or by Document Interaction, or create recordings with the app's built-in audio recorder. Play or save the files with added reverb. Use play through mode or Audiobus for realtime reverberation. The reverb can be created by an iOS Audio Unit or by the app's convolution reverb engine (iPad 4 or better is recommended for realtime usage). Purchase Convolution Reverb if you would like to use impulse responses other than the included demo IRs. Purchase MIDI Control if you wish to control some functions of the app by MIDI messages. Purchase Preset Buttons if you would like to select presets by tapping configurable buttons.

Version 6.0 release notes

- Audio Recorder, improvement: No reverb is applied to confirmation sounds, so the reverb needs not be deactivated when using the "delayed start" option of the recorder. - Sounding Presets, bugfix: When a Sound Preset starts while already another one is playing, the current reverb settings are now kept. - Bugfix: It was not possible to use "Open In Rooms!" in the Files app to open files with Rooms!. - Convolution Reverb, improvement: Performance optimisations. - Convolution Reverb, improvement: Tweaking does not anymore need the Convolution Reverb in-app purchase and hence is now possible with the demo impulse responses. - Audiobus: Updated to version 3.0.7. - Various minor other improvements. - Internal code cleanup. Due to App Store and Audiobus requirements, and much to our regret, we are not anymore able to support iOS 5 and iOS 6. The minimum target system is now iOS 9.3.5.