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Chordy 2 is a chord player app for music creators.

Price $6.99
Author Studio Phiz
Type Instrument, Controller
Instrument type Sampler
Instrument sounds All-in-one
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA), Audiobus
Version 2.0
Released 06/05/2017
Updated 04/14/2019
Chordy 2 is a chord player app for music creators.
With its own UI, you can very easily play chords and chord tones.
It supports Audiobus / Virtual MIDI / Inter-App Audio. You can record in GarageBand, control other synth apps, and enjoy a variety of ways.
In Chordy 2, detailed chord control such as mute of notes and addition of bass note / tension notes is possible.
Suitable for DTM, chord-progression learning, live performance, ear copying and composition support.

* Check out the movie of this app:

- Easy chord playing with Auto Select feature (Diatonic Triad/7th)
- Select a root note (and a chord type if necessary) to play a chord
- Play slash chords with Bass Note feature
- Add tension notes to chords
- Play every single chord note on Solo Keyboard
- 4 scales available (Major, Natural/Harmonic/Melodic Minor). Select Parallel or Relative scale change between major/minor.
- Octave Shift (from -2 to +2), Key Transpose feature

*Volume/Velocity Knob: Double-tap to reset to the default value.

Connection Features:
- Audiobus support: You can stream live audio directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps. Audiobus 3 MIDI Routing is also supported. See for more information.
- Inter-App Audio support
- Virtual MIDI support: Control other Virtual MIDI compatible apps on your iPad (e.g. Animoog, Sunrizer synth, etc).
- Wi-Fi MIDI / MIDI over Bluetooth LE support: Send MIDI to iOS devices and Macs.

Version 2.0 release notes

- New feature: Custom Chord - Accidentals shown with degrees on solo Keyboard - Chord Pads: reduced clicking noises, improved playability - Fixed issue of wrong chord in Harmonic minor Auto 7th - Updated Audiobus SDK to 3.0.6 - Bugfixes and improvements

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