6X806 Noise Drum Machine EDM-D

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A 6 channel drum synthesiser & sequencer for creating beats, electro rhythms or just wacky drum synth blips.

Price $5.99
Author Rob Wilmot
Type Instrument
Instrument type Sampler
Instrument sounds Drums, Percussion
Supports Inter-App Audio (IAA), Audiobus, Ableton Link
Rating total: 5 (10), current: 4.5 (7)
Version 2.0
Released 02/16/2019
Updated 02/27/2019
A 6 channel drum synthesiser & sequencer for creating beats, electro rhythms or just wacky drum synth blips.
Using synthesizer controls you shape each sound on each channel to create various electro synth drum & percussion sounds.
Create drum patterns using standard xox steps as seen on various drum synthesisers, drum machines & sequencers or they can be generated randomly.
Independent effects, GarageBand routing, Ableton Link, IAA, & Audiobus 3 support.
Easily capture whatever you hear and export to AudioShare, Audio-Copy, Email or iTunes Shared Folder
Check out the "How to" video demo on Youtube

Choose between various waveform with noise balance.
3 Filter modes to choose from: Low, High & Band Pass + resonance & side-pass high pass level.
Filter Envelope amount &  decay time.
Adjust pitch from a wide range.
VCA decay time with PUNCH effect for extra kick on the velocity.
Create almost any imaginable drum synth sound

SEQUENCER features:
Swing effect for groove
Dynamics. Each step can also have an accented dynamics level if pressed twice (yellow light). This can accentuate pitch, filter & amplitude (enabled or disabled per track channel). Dynamics level controls accent level  passed to the dynamics.
RANDOM FILL: From zero to 100 percent this will create random non accentuated steps in mealtime so you can create free flowing dynamic drum synth sequences.
Adjust number of steps & offsets in each track to create complex poly rhythms
INIT starts over with a blank pattern.
Find this in Settings/System.
BPM control +/-1 or double tap for +/-5 increments.

LFO low pass CUT-OFF & PITCH. The pitch level can give a vintage effect subtly detuning with low SPEED or faster for ring modulated effect.
Trig forces reset on step to provide pitch or filter envelope.

Press P+1, P+2, P+3 for  automatically switching to next 1,2, or 3 patterns at each loop end.
Changing pattern manually will reset.
Drum step edits cant be made during this mode.
Use the pattern play section for the following cool tricks:
[Sequence/Control/Pattern]:  Instantly switch to a saved sequence while playing. Keys correspond to available programs, starting from the current program thats loaded (key 1 is your current program, key 2 is current program+1 etc). Highlighted keys show stored programs. Blue tint shows if your are in Pattern Play still. This is great for building up live tracks and can be cut instantly like  DJ cross-fade.
With P-Lock enabled, loading patterns locks parameters & just loads the patterns.

EFFECTS (Global/master are in yellow.)
ECHO tempo synced with feedback & wetness.

MIXER section:
fade in and out each track, mute/ unmute tracks
Bass boost and pan on each track (This is not stored)

Ableton Link syncs with other Link apps .Enable for precise timing without syncing. Press LINK button at the bottom for settings. You can link to our other apps like 2XB303
MIDI sync with External, Virtual or Audiobus.  6X806 can be master or slave. ( any simple class-compliant USB should work but some may need to be power assisted)  
Virtual MIDI In is always on. If you send from another app AND receive MIDI clock then you will be receiving both MIDI CLOCKS.
While Ableton Link is enabled you can send clock. This means you can use one app to control 6X806 with external hardware
MIDI note data is sent out on each channel

Record a fixed length, default to 32 steps. Can be changed in settings.
Arming the sampling with CAPTURE (flashing). Starts at counter 1 (ON).
PLAY CAP to listen to your sample loop.
Audio can be routed via IAA (Inter App Audio) into apps like Apple's Garageband. Garageband will also sync your sequence for excellent multi-track recording.
Audiobus 3. Route audio to mix or record into other applications

To save you press "Save To", it then flashes. Now choose destination ("!" means its occupied ) then press "Save All" to confirm.

Version 2.0 release notes

Fixed some frequency range to the filters. Sometimes the envelope would push them off into another universe. (More apparent with the band-pass filter) Pan and Bass levels from the mixer are now saved in the program. (Mixer Levels and Mute are not so you can fade between mixing patterns) Removed "Preview" button as this almost duplicated the preview track button. Replaced with P-Lock that locks the synth settings when loading a new pattern - it just loads the steps. Added a bit more sub bass. Edited the preloaded pattern when you first install. Fixed the parallel high pass so that the extents were within a more interesting audible range Added some more resonance to the filters. Added a bit more area at the low end of the cut off dial to play with. Some minor optimisation PLEASE NOTE due to some ranges being extended, any saved patterns may sound a tiny weeny bit different. Mainly if you used resonance, bass or hi-split filter level Previous recent updates: Added support for Bluetooth headphones and speakers (1.9) This update looks to fix a possible conflict in the Audiobus and Inter-App-Audio nodes. This could cause the nodes from not showing up or behaving properly in some apps. Previous update: (1.8) Some requested features and minor bug: Added increments of 1 to BPM control. Double-Tap for increment of 5 Added naming of exported loops with BPM and date/time amended to the filename. Refined dial control so you can cover most of the range from screen space but also micro adjustment when moving slowly. Also dial snaps to ends instead of wobbling at the end. Fixed incorrect recording length at start because the first ever capture was never trimmed properly. FYI previous update (1.6): Added INIT (initialise pattern) allowing you to start over with a blank pattern. Find this in Settings/System.

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